Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Success And Professionalism You Can Count On

After successfully completing her education at the California Southern Law School, Joyce Holcomb gained the membership of San Bernardino County Bar Association. Holcomb was also successful in California's State Bar exam. Over the years, she has gained experience in family law by representing different clients including those in need of appeals and judgment modification. She is now a certified family law attorney and can represent any client in need of her services.

At the Law Office of Joyce Holcomb, services begin with a free 45 minute consultation. Holcomb's main focus is client satisfaction. She strives to secure fair judgment and a favorable outcome for all the clients that she represents. It is not possible to find a lawyer who can offer maximum client service at low-cost like Holcomb does.  Her key attention to personal detail enables her to make every attempt at a fast and fair resolution. Holcomb will guide you through the tides of litigation and protect you in times when the case is against you.

Is There a Happy Medium in Child custody case?

San Bernardino, CA handles more than its fair share of child custody cases. These cases are sensitive and could evoke pain and emotion for all parties involved. During such trying times, a cordial relationship between children and parents is needed to achieve positive mental growth. Stability could be preserved by using mediation that could reduce hostility between the two parties. This reduces stress by putting parents at the forefront in making important decisions rather than leaving the courts to make such decisions.

Joyce Holcomb also deals with post-separation, post-custody and post-divorce cases in which one party is failing to meet the responsibility bestowed on he or she by the court. Such cases may need to go on trial again. She can help in inducing enforcement of child support order as well as bringing new information to court when such payments need to be modified. For example, if one party is injured, sick or loses a job, the law states that there should be a shift of financial burden, at least for a given period.

Intervention in Paternity Battles

When divoce turns sour, there could be exchange of words that could lead to disagreements and high emotions. Such cases call for paternity test. Joyce Holcomb can effectively deal with such cases.

I Don't Need a Lawyer---the Other Side is Pro Se

"Pro se" is a term used to refer to a self-representation in front of a court rather than hiring the services of an attorney. People who feel that they have an understanding in law or their cases are open and shut may opt for self- representation in court. However, circumstances have shown that parties having an attorney are more likely to receive favorable outcomes much sooner.

Don't Waste Your Time Debating

Call Joyce M. Holcomb Law office today at 909-889-7111 to find out the services she can offer and the things she can do to improve confidence in your case. She will help you secure a victorious outcome for your case. The people of Riverside and San Bernardino counties always turn to Joyce Holcomb for all Family Law cases, appeals, or inquiries.